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Learn Mindfulness and Acceptance & Commitment therapy online. 


Fully Present

In being fully present in the storms of our experiences, we find our own course. 

Just as we can expand our reach physically, we can do so psychologically. This program is designed to enhance your 'psychological flexibility' -aka your ability to manage difficult experiences- connect to your values and undertake inspired action. 

Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the jungle of your humanness, a beautiful place, yet without clear directions and somewhat overwhelming.

Some things are just not clear cut, sometimes there's so many plants growing up and over each other that you can see absolutely nothing. This program might be for you if you've tried therapy before but it sticked to 'talking about' and failed to integrate knowledge into your daily life. 


Working per session

We can opt to work per session. A session includes a videocall - going from exploring your desire for change, to experiencing different approaches as meditation, visualisation, aswel as the more pragmatic behavioural techniques. Afterwards you'll receive adjusted working-material and follow-up. 

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