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Vrij ontdekken, een pad bewandelen

Lead by Flow

How this Journal came to be...

I've been journaling for quite some time now and I realised that this simple act of reserving a daily moment to connect with myself and the cosmos, the moon and the stars has had such a huge impact on my life.


Therefore I found it only natural to share my insights with others and to guide you through an entire year of journaling according to the moon phases. As we'll be using the moon to navigate through the months you will go through phases of intention setting, commitment, introspection, letting go, recharging and reconnecting to your values. 

I'm currently still working on the full journal and plan to release it in the fall. However, I'd value your feedback along the way and I offer a sneak peak into the intro of the journal: writing a vision and intention setting. Give me your details below if this resonates. 

Try it out

Get in touch so I can send through the free intro of the journal. I'd value your feedback on it!

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Journal on the way!

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