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Uitkijken over de zee, mijmeren

About me

We could be described as...


Our titels and trainings,

Our character traits,

Our hobbies and passions,

The nature of our relationships, 


And at the same time, we are never fully defined by a bunch of words.


We are shaped by our daily experiences and our willingness to learn from and grow through them. 

What follows sheds some light onto my own journey, as a human, searching for growth. 

Training & Experience


  • Master in Clinical Psychology

  • Certified Behavioural therapist 

  • Specific training courses: ACT, RFT (relational frame theory), Schema therapy, and EMDR 

  • The school of life: my own life experience as a (high)sensitive human being. 


10+ years experience in working with clients one-to-one aswel as giving ACT- & mindfulness inspired grouptraining. 


A lot has shifted in these last few years since I was willing to admit that I'm no picture perfect myself. The shift was possible exactly because I was willing to look my own pain in the eyes. I was willing to admit that she was there. I had hidden her well, though luckily, finding what's lost is one of my oldest specialties.


There was always this sense of not fitting in, not being seen -for who I am. It went unnoticed, even by myself to some extent, because I'd skilled myself in the craft of adjustment. Though a nagging sense of restlessness and anxiety made it clear, that I was not leading the life I was meant to be. I'd lost touch with myself through the process of well-behaving, pleasing, perfectionism. I was so busy being a Sarah that everyone liked that I forgot what she liked. 


It's especially in those times when life threw me a blow, that I woke up. It truly felt that way. Like waking up from a long deep dream. Bit by bit, I started to uncover those bits of myself that I'd hidden away. I started to embrace them, I got curious about them and experimented with acting upon them. Some days I dropped the ball, others I picked it up. Over time resistance became enthusiasm. I realized I'm much more able to embrace the discomfort -that comes along with living fully- then I would've given myself credit for. And that's an incredibly freeing discovery to make, one that I wish upon others and one that has shaped my mission. 


Let me warn you in advance though: it's no walk in the park. Making choices that fully reflect your wishes & dreams, will inevitably get accompanied by sadness, fear, shame, guilt, disappointment and hurt; the whole range of human emotions. The way is not around it, it's straight through it.


So - very cliché, yet very true- don't chase happiness, let it find you at its own pace, while you're navigating towards what matters most. Towards your most beautiful, wild life. Your wild self. Because isn't that what we all truly are?


'Tat twam asi' -Sanskrit for 'That is you'.

I'm convinced we don't just need this kind of teaching when we crash, we all need it, period. And so I'm on a mission to spread this wisdom as much as I can, because I know all humans could benefit, and in this way, our planet benefits. Helping yourself means helping those around you, means helping those around them and so on. We're all connected & in this way, there's no such thing as 'self-growth' there's such plane growth, spreading itself at the speed of light.

If you feel inspired by reading all of this, on my blog page you'll find regular articles on mindful & valued living. 

Much Love, Sarah

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