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Per session

Working per session offers an interesting way to, without the obligation for a long term process, do have the chance to meet through videocall, and according to the same formula of my programs, look into your need for change from a process-based perspective.


This means we'll avoid to only focus on what's happening with your life and we'll direct the spotlight to the 'how' - how is it affecting me? What's happening internally that's blocking me? And what do I need to manage this challenge? 

We'll be using the ACT-model, and its core-processes, as a broader frame; if you want to dive in and know what these are click here.

For more input on my training and scholing click here

Rate/ €85

Covering: 50min call + online follow-up

Follow-up calls are at a rate of €70/50min.

You can book in your appointment here

If you have Belgian health insurance you might get a partial refund, use the tool on this page below to see what amount will be covered by your insurance. Be sure to remind me of this and I'll hand you the right form. 

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