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Fully Present - Online Mindfulness & ACT training

As the name suggests, this program is developed to ground you -with your two feet- into your life. During our lives we can lose touch with ourselves through our upbringing and culture, the expectations of those we love, new life-phases and the stress these challenges can bring about.


We get pulled in the stream of the masses because no one ever taught us how to discover and sail our own course. This, to me, is quite striking. Why don't we, at an early stage in life, get taught these essential principles of living?

Steven Hayes (one of the founders of Acceptance & Commitment therapy) compares it very beautifully to driving a race-car without knowing where the brakes are.

This is exactly what you can expect to find here. A training that contains all the essentials in managing yours truly: your mind. Your genius word-machine. Your inner judge, demanding you to follow the laws of your environment. The laws of the outside world. You can either obey or resist, both are keeping you from living your life. 

Once you learn to watch your thoughts and feelings, once you observe them for what they are, you come to realize what they aren't: you.


In learning to be fully present within the storms of our experiences, we find our own course.










The program includes:

  • 12 sessions in which I guide you through the ACT core-processes (if you want to dive into them click here for an introduction video). 

  • 4 calls to track your progress: we'll plan a monthly 30min video call to see where you're at and what areas require extra attention, practice or support. 

  • The guideline is to follow one session every week, though if you want to leave more room or vary the duration in between sessions according to what works for you - it's all up to you.

  • Every session consists of a video (which contains practical insights within the topic of the week, experience-based exercises and calls for action) and a workdocument where you take notes and reflect on your experiences.

  • Every session we conclude by setting intentions for what to practice in the days/weeks that follow the session. 

  • After finishing you send me your notes and through this sheet we communicate, I reply to your questions and give extra input where needed. This is an essential part of the training as in this way we can tailor the program to your specific needs. 

  • In between sessions you fulfil your daily practice. The program requires a daily time investment of about 10-20min. The daily practice will include meditation, observing thoughts, feelings or behaviour, contacting core-values, keeping a journal. 

  • When you'd run into any obstacles you can reach out to me, and we'll see hands-on how to manage these challenges. 

  • The price for the full program is €495 or 3 monthly payments of €170. 

  • There's always the option to schedule extra video call sessions where we'll have the time to practice the more challenging parts of the training together, these will be at the rate of €70/50min.

  • If you have Belgian health insurance you can get a -partial- refund, there's a tool on the website to calculate the amount (click here and scroll to the bottom of the page). 

Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have and/or request a free try-out session (click here).

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