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Jungle path

Welcome to the jungle, your personal wild growth of thoughts, feelings, sensations, limiting beliefs and personal history. The jungle of your humanness let's say. A beautiful place, yet without clear directions and somewhat overwhelming. 

Especially (but not only) for those who do have some experience with psychotherapy, and might have found it 'insightful' yet lack implementation of those insights. I've been working as a psychologist for 10+ years now which has given me plenty of time to discover what can block the translation of insight into action. 

In this program we'll build a path, a life-practice is how you could view it. Just like most of us have some sort of 'physical routine' (whether in sports, diet, taking a shower and brushing our teeth), we'll extend it to our spirit. We'll combine integrative psychotherapy sessions with skill-training, and build a bridge between your therapy and daily life.

What you can expect:

  •  6 process-based sessions (duration can vary between 60-75min). Instead of focussing on the content of the story of your life (which you might've done extensively in previous therapy) we'll put our focus on ACT core-processes (if you want to dive in a bit deeper into what those are click here).

  • 6 personalised videos: a summary of our therapy session meant to serve you with something to come back to. Our memory is highly overrated and our brain loves repetition. Also this gives both you and me the opportunity to reflect afterwards and connect our session to other things we've learnt previously, or want to work towards in the future. This is actually the road-map in a very tangible way. And the good thing is, you can come back to it whenever you want. 

  • After every session + video there will be intentions set, part of the life-practice that you're building. The integration into your daily life happens here. Though I won't leave you on your own. I'll check in with you weekly to hear how your doing and to mange obstacles hands on. 

  • Extra material in the form of guided meditations, visualizations, psycho-education through video, journaling prompts etc; depending on your specific needs.

  • Pricing: €865* in total, 6x€150* (payed with each of the sessions)

  • For follow-up sessions after the program, the per session* rates apply


Feel free to reach out and ask me any questions you have, book a 15min free call to see which of my offerings would fit best for you (click here).

*If you have Belgian Health insurance there might be an option to a partial refund.

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