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Based on both my years of experience, my training (click here for an overview) and -last but not least- my own human experience I've developed a method, aimed to increase your ability to bend along with the challenges of life, instead of being thrown off course by them. 


I develop online psychotherapeutic tools & -programs designed to enhance your ability to connect to what truly matters and commit to that life.

Don't expect a ready-made-result-focused path. That's not how life, nor you, nor this will work.


Do expect a change in your overall wellbeing, inner fulfilment & sense of agency.


The value of all of this? To live a life worth living, one that excites you, one that actually makes you want to jump -out of your bed- into your life.


Ready? Let's go. 

Where Pain meets Purpose

Most people come to find me when struggling with pain & inner conflict. They -understandably- want to get rid of their pain as fast as possible.

But what if your pain could be an ally signalling your purpose? 

This inner turmoil has something valuable to offer: the rediscovery of who you actually are and what you truly want.

Richting vinden in het leven


Acceptance & Commitment Therapy serves us the hexaflex, a diamond with six sides: six core processes that mutually reinforce each other.

These core processes increase our resilience, our natural ability to thrive when confronted with challenges. 

So we don't need to invent warm water, all we need to do is create the space for it to flow freely. 


ACT & the hexaflex are the building blocks of the programs -and psychotherapeutic tools- I develop.


To know more about the different therapy programs, click here

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