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Online Psychotherapy 

Are you someone who could identify as being highly sensitive, often feeling overwhelmed, fearful or insecure? Do you tend to overachieve and get burned out in pleasing others? Do you often seem to carry the burdens of the whole world on your shoulders? 

Are you searching for more inner peace and purpose in your life?


You've come to the right place. 

I develop online psychotherapy-programs designed to enhance your ability to connect to what truly matters and commit to that life. To be able to do that, your ability to manage painful thoughts and feelings must grow and here -for most people, especially those who have highly developed feelers- extra tools are very welcome.


As being highly sensitive myself, and also a trained clinical psychologist & behavioural therapist, I've combined both life- and clinical experience and created a different approach to therapy, one that puts you in the drivers seat




Since you found your way here, I assume something or someone inspired you to do so. The first step towards making a change is, in this way, already set.

When we humans are willing to go through the discomfort of making changes that means something is up. It means something hurts. It means a painful feeling is trying to push its way up into your consciousness, if only you allow it. 

We're often terrified of what might happen if we allow these pains. Though we shouldn't, on the contrary, we should be terrified of what will happen if we don't. 

But before I expect you to trust me with any of your intimate struggles, I'll share a little bit about me. 


My name is Sarah. I'm passionate about guiding others towards living an authentic & purposeful life. This is, in itself, what inspires me most: exploring our human nature and our ability to grow through (not despite!) pain

This last 2 years a growing sense of frustration and resistance -aka my pain- pushed me to make a change. I felt I wasn't helping my clients as much as I could, talk therapy alone wasn't going to help them make the changes they desired. 


After doing this work for ten years, I felt I needed to make a shift, a bit as if turning the wheel of my ship. What seemed like only a little change at first, turned out to be an entirely different course.



Based on both my years of experience, my training (click here for an overview) and -last but not least- my own human experience I've developed a method, aimed to increase your ability to bend along with the challenges of life, instead of being thrown off course by them.

Don't expect a ready-made-result-focused path.


That's not how life, nor you, nor this will work. Do expect a change in your overall wellbeing, inner fulfilment & sense of agency.


The value of all of this? To live a life worth living, one that excites you, one that actually makes you want to jump -out of your bed- into your life.


Ready? Let's go. 

Where Pain meets Purpose

Most people come to find me when struggling with pain & inner conflict. They -understandably- want to get rid of their pain as fast as possible.

But what if your pain could be an ally signalling your purpose? 

This inner turmoil has something valuable to offer: the rediscovery of who you actually are and what you truly want.



Acceptance & Commitment Therapy serves us the hexaflex, a diamond with six sides: six core processes that mutually reinforce each other.

These core processes increase our resilience, our natural ability to thrive when confronted with challenges. 

So we don't need to invent warm water, all we need to do is create the space for it to flow freely. 


ACT & the hexaflex are the building blocks of the programs -and psychotherapeutic tools- I develop.


To know more about the different programs, click here

Psyhological flex

Don't hate, meditate

Guided meditations

Guided meditations are part of any program that I develop, infused with the experience of my own daily meditation practice and the knowledge from my background in clinical psychology & behavioural therapy. 


Meditation opens our consciousness to the realization that we are not who we thought we were. We are not our beliefs, just as the ocean is not the waves. A higher awareness creates more conscious choices towards living the life we actually want to lead.  


Sitting in silence is therefore furthest from 'useless', it is the prelude of inspired action

For free guided meditations in Dutch & English, find me on insight timer as Sarah Elisabeth Braeckevelt.


Expand, Explore & Enjoy.  


"Every human has a natural inclination to ascend to higher planes of existence, but it rests upon each of us to match that inclination with real initiative."

-Brendon Burchard, The motivation manifesto

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