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Per session

Working per session offers an interesting way to, without the obligation for a long term process, do have the chance to meet through videocall, and according to the same formula of my programs, look into your need for change from a process-based perspective.


This means we'll avoid to only focus on what's happening with your life and we'll direct the spotlight to the 'how' - how is it affecting me? What's happening internally that's blocking me? And what do I need to manage this challenge? 

We'll be using the ACT-model, and its core-processes, as a broader frame; if you want to dive in and know what these are click here.

For more input on my training and scholing click here

Rates (until end '22):

€65/60min -videocall

€15/-regular follow-up

€30/-intensive follow-up

*If you have Belgian health insurance than there might be an option to a small refund (usually €10/session).

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